La Gran Marcha - Downtown Los Angeles -

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La Gran Marcha - Downtown Los Angeles -

A sea of humanity envelopes downtown Los Angeles during the largest mass public demonstration 'ever' seen in U.S. history. Estimates on the number of people who attended this major gathering ranged between a low of 500 K to a high of 1.5 million.

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La Gran Marcha    Sat. March 25, 2006    Largest Civil and Human Rights March in U.S. History    Protest Against Congress - HR 4437

Note: This site is a special project between Xcano Media, a community based volunteer organization., and Cuerpo de Unidad, the Spanish language office of Unity Corps, Inc. It will continue to be maintained after the Congressional vote of Sensenbrenner King HR 4437 to commemorate the significance of L.A. Gran Marcha as a major historic American civil and human rights event. For information on how to contribute to this important project contact Xcano Media. All images submitted  must provide credit sources.